Lookslikewedding Workshops

I'm one of two very passionate founders of a portfolio-building project, LOOKSLIKEWEDDING Workshops. Darren & I have worked on many styled shoots to get the dreamy portfolio we both had in mind. Collaborating with models and suppliers on several exciting projects made our passion even deeper. Our shoots and ideas raised many questions and requests in the photography and wedding industry. One day we decided to invite photographers to join our projects, and that's how LOOKSLIKEWEDDING workshops was created!

Over the past several months we have created many styles of workshops, from elopements, traditional , urban, and tropical themes, and have invited and connected with over a few hundreds photographers - we are always thinking of fun and creative ideas.

LOOKSLIKEWEDDING isn't just about dreamy photos, it isn't just a portfolio building workshop - it's much more for us. It's basically a way how we can fulfil our dreamy content, directions and styles. Working with premium suppliers, unique models, talented photographers and great venues to achieve timeless photos is a dream. Thank you that we can! Find out more at our Instagram.